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Hogg Creek Wetland Nature Reserve
Marshall Nature Preserve

Hogg Creek Wetland Nature Reserve

A majestic 43 acre property containing a provincially significant wetland and a portion of Hogg Creek near the headwater source in Oro-Medonte Twp.

The property includes a provincially significant wetland - the Vasey D.U. Swamp West. The property includes a coniferous forest on either side of the wetland, with some open meadow areas.

Hogg Creek Photo Gallery

Winter at Hogg Creek
Spring Benthic Sampling!
Fall Benthic Sampling!

Hogg Creek Wetland

Marshall Nature Preserve

The Marshall Nature Preserve is found in the Wye River watershed and forms part of a corridor of habitat linking the Midland Little Lake Provincially Significant Wetland with the Lalligan Lake Life Science ANSI. A number of ecosites are contained within the property's boundary. A large portion of the property is dominated by a white cedar coniferous forest. There is also a sugar maple deciduous forest and three pockets of white pine plantation of varying size. Dividing the property is a thin band of a poverty oat grass meadow. At the southwest boundary there is a non-native deciduous thicket swamp that is part of a larger wetland beyond the property boundaries. There are two species at risk found present on the property, the wood thrush and the Canada warbler, with potential for others.

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