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Huronia Land Conservancy Officers and Directors

  • Isabella Rombach, HLC co-chair
  • David Wilkins, HLC co-chair
  • Bill Molesworth, Secretary
  • Scott Zelligan, Director
  • Jesse Fieldwebster, Director
  • Lyle Wood, Director
  • VACANT, Treasurer
You may be surprised to learn that HLC has been around for a few years now in one form or another. The whole idea for the HLC was the brain child of Ric Symmes, Tim Tully and Paul Peterson. The first meeting to begin the process of creating the HLC was held at the office of the then law firm of Hacker Gignac and Rice on October 8, 2009. A meeting with a larger group of interested parties was held on November 11, 2009.

At this meeting key working groups were established in order ot begin the arduous task of assembling the necessary policy documents that would be needed to establish a solid foundation on which to build. A Steering Committee was set up together with several focused topic working groups such as Natural Heritage and Cultural Heritage. The working groups reported back on July 8, 2010 with the key components of preservation priorities established. This formed the framework for the development of supporting policies to realize these preservation objectives within our operating area.

September 15, 2010 was a significant moment in time in the chronology of development. At this meeting the name, "Huronia Land Conservancy" was formally adopted by the group and the interim organization, the Huronia Land Conservancy Association was officially established pending the incorporation of the Huronia Land Conservancy. This meeting was also significant because it was at this time that a draft of the Charter and first By-Law of the proposed corporation was adopted. Other significant steps, which were taken at this meeting, included the election of officers for the new association as well as the logo for the organization. If you would like to learn more about our logo and its special significance to us, please look at that subject under the "news" tab on this website.

Of course, nothing is written in stone and as we moved forward, we found that a few revisions were required of our Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws until we finally were founded as a volunteer group on 2009 and officially incorporated on 16 November 2012. Our charity registration number is 84407 6506 RR0001.

Since these milestones were achieved we have been very busy with committee work to create and adopt the policy which will ensure the long-term viability of the organization and establish the processes by which we will conduct our work. If you are interested in helping HLC realize its vision, please check out the "Opportunities" tab on this website. Of course we are also always grateful for donations to help with the costs of preservation and restoration of our natural and cultural heritage. We are always interested in discussing the benefits of donating land to the Huronia Land Conservancy. Our contact information is on our "Opportunities" page.

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Hogg Creek Wetland

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